Art radical

I’m a traveler who wants to gain experience, as an artist and as a person. My studio is the world, whether India, Mexico, Hawaii, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Spain, …… I want to absorb the inspiration of the countries and people to process them in my pictures.

The simplicity of my pictures is reflected in my authenticity. They are simple, but each picture tells a story of me. It is my own style “art radical”, which developed after my time in the “freies Atelier Gugging”, where I worked with “art brut” and at the “Kunst-Akademie” in Berlin.

My pictures are as they are, natural and naked. Why do I often paint naked people? Because nudity is our natural origin, our right to live freely and to make the world our playground of feelings and emotions.

My pictures show an honesty, they symbolize the change in life and everything that is possible when you step out of your old self and take a new path. Then that goes through nudity.

Anyone who is naked is honest. With this I’m trying to create a unity, a unity of the super complex reflecting self.

The old avatar in us longs for a rebirth of a forgotten freedom. We live, we watch, we witness how the avatar ascends and connects with our new spiritual self.

* January 26, 1987 in Krems/Wachau/Austria

Beginning as an autodidact with acrylic painting

2003 – 2005
External member of the ART-BRUT-Center in Maria Gugging
Studying charcoal drawings in the sense of “NEWART”

2013 to 2015
KUNSTGUT Academy for Fine Arts, Berlin

Ordinary member of the “Künstlerhaus-Verein” Vienna

2015 + 2021
Purchase of pictures by the NOE State Museum



2013 + 2014
Nomination for the “Palm Art Award” in Leipzig

Nomination as an outstanding representative of “NEWART” at the “ART Innsbruck”

Nomination for the “Kitz Art Award” in Kitzbühel

Nomination “Koschatzky Art Prize”


2011 bis 2014: Teilnahme an den Tagen der „offenen Ateliers“

2013: Ausstellung im Kulturhaus St. Andrä/Wördern

2014: Ausstellungen im eigenen Atelier

2014: Ausstellung im „Kloster UND“ in Krems

2015: Ausstellung „ART Innsbruck“, Nominierung als herausragender junger Vertreter der „NEWART“

2015: Ausstellung in New York City „ART & SPACE Gallery“, Manhattan, SoHo, Lower East Side

2016: Ausstellungen in Galerien in Berlin

2016: Nominierung zum „Kitz Art Award“ in Kitzbühel

2016: „ART Innsbruck“ – Internationale Messe für zeitgenössische Kunst

2017: „Secrets of Berlin“ Raiffeisenbank Krems

2017: Art Barcelona

2017: Galerie Steiner Wien

2017: Art Shanghai

2018: London

2018: „Art Salzburg“

2018: Art Shanghai

2019: VHS Krems

2019: “Centre de cultural de Jesus“ Ibiza Art Guide

2019: Art Basel, Miami

2021: Ausstellung „Kunst im Salon“

Collectors in Vienna, Kitzbühel, Munich, Sardinia, Zurich, Krems