Exhibtion “Impressions by Lukas Walcher”!

At one month there will be happening, the exhibtion” Impressions by Lukas Walcher” will take place.

I intend at one side exhibting my workings from Gugging (Offenes Atelier) and on the other side to show my workings from my study in Berlin yet. My attention is laying, how know somebodies of you on female sex. In last time i intended to show the characteristic movements from Kate Moss. With her eyes i like to do a harmonic interaction between sesibitlity, exaperation and precious.

Or rather i got to enrich my treasure trove of experience at the “Art Innsbruck”, i connected new contacts or rather with “Galerie Schilli”. He will do an exhibtion with me. Date is unknown.

I invite you to visit me at my exhibition. Description is on the link.

We will se us at 3.6.2015!




New workings!


You can see how it’s running forward. For first time i take out a photography by a collage. These changing play from a area in annother…!

Lukas very intensive at working!

Am very intensive at working, if you know. Now i grant you a special view in my work.

I just do not say anything more, just make a picture to yourself;




Lukas in painting position!

Every artists has not right to paint the painted, to catch up a picture how does change the model her/his position, which stance takes her or him, as the painter can change his perspective.

No, a demand has the painter to slide in, in the position of the model, to have annother perspective, like a role reversal. The intimacy is a part of the model, to filter up his/her intimaciest secrets, it’s possible.

I presented myself as a model for second time; must say it’s really amazing, as a model you have so many freedoms, like you ain’t have as a painter. You can move as free, must not keepin at details, can be in your positions, strongness, sensualitiy, passion, power, love,…all these you can show. And may it could be, that you threatend new inspirations in your painting. My slogan is; as painter you’re as well, how can be presented the modell! Hasta luego!

Lukas makes a side trip to Berlin…for 2 years!

Hey people!

How are you? On march 8. it makes ready, my new art life beginns and i go to Berlin.

Wow, its’s been a long time and am nervous, but encouraged with happiness. Like i exhibited from 19.-23. Feb. at “Art Innsbruck”, many participants interested for my carbon paintings and rather it resulted a successful contact;READ MORE

Shine a light

Lukas at painting, unfortunately i wanna post a video from me, like a sing to the rolling stones, but it doesnt work.  I would guess you to see the film Shine a light from Martin Scorsese. They are a living legend, they the same what i do, they are living their passion….!

T-Shirt art-prints

Looks like pretty! Different pictures or rather on different colours, could be ordered on request and inquiry. 15 Euro it’s a T-shirt. Suited excellent as a present!

Why i like to paint pictures of Kate Moss

I painted since the age of 12.  Since then, all these years I was present with all my heart and soul, although I had an interruption of my painting experience for one year. As I started to paint,  new ways opened for me…!READ MORE