The life nearby the Art Innsbruck!


That was the Art Innsbruck 2016- narby the real Art Innsbruck, i walked a little bit around und photographed the life in the city, the people. Almost i connect people and the landscape, at this it is a unique theme, that it does not change in force or hate, no love and unique precious are my themes, they let be shown of a unique diversity, doesn’t matter if naked or dressed…it is life.

Art Innsbruck 2016

This year am a part of the Art Innsbruck, this time at Gallery Bertrand Kass.

Mr. Kass is speaking me a lot of times how much he likes my picture and that he wanna do a exhibition in Luxemburg or in Italy. It will be connected many contacts.

Mr. Kass wanna do too a photography exhibtion with me, we must see i just must go look for new places, i wanna go for a weekend to Berlin to do phtography. Maybe i drive to Rome, that is beautiful.

Künstlerhaus in Vienna!

The Künstlerhaus in Vienna is supporting artists who wanna be yield in the vienna artist scene. I attend to yield me too in this scene, to achieve my activity and my contribution.

In this house or rather in this project is the point to support hisself and the others, if someone wanna make an exhibtion or the others a photoproject, a cinemafilm, doesn’t matter…!

My activity should help young or rather older artist to exploit their potential, that they can follow up their talent. In Berlin I’ve seen in this time many things and learned very much, that was bringing me on annother step, prefer in photografie this knowing i wanna be get further to annother people. But there, it’s a little bit time there i will be present you new bautiful paintings that you can hanging up in the living room!

Yesterday i’ve tried to interpret to pictures of Edgar Degas, with Pastell too.

Edgar Degas is to interpret very hard, because he catched up the moment of ballerinas and to show of one art, that i describe as very sensitive.

In my pictures there’s many activity, activity there’s reflection in contrast of Degas in one compensation that produces a kind of spirtuell mind. Now in my picture i do many collages, there’s an activity too, under collages there are many stratifies. For first i paint the perosn, then annother stratify or annother one, that let makes the moment more activity and then there are coming the collages.

I just only wanna say, that the moment will represent actiy and inactiv too. The new era of painting will be intiate, new artist will create new painting. The new painting is the activ moment!


Ausstellung at Kunststück Neukölln!

Ladies and gentlemen,

from june 6 to june 26 i exhibited in the gallery Kunstück in Neukölln Berlin. The exhibtion was a great success any artists were there or rather Manami Takamatsu the young female artist.

The director and the exhibitor Bianka Ahlgrimm were there too and she pleased me to exhibit one more time,when my workings are matching.

At middle august i try to visit the exhibition of the international artist Marlene Dumas, to see their workings and maybe let inspire from her.

Thank you