Looking for new patronisers!

Dear artist friends, how you know i was at the Art Innsbruck and at this fair you must take in a little bit deeper in your pocket. Money will be more tight and there i will send my pictures for second time to New York, i need new patronisers.

If you know for someone who is interesting in art and who wanna support me, that you could give hime my E-mail yum87@gmx.net.

Dont forget, after one year the patroniser will get a present of my picture!

Exhibitions are started


Mr. Kass, the galerist from Art Innsbruck has taken one of my pictures “Precious tolerances” and exhibits in his gallery in Innsbruck. Unfortunately Mr. Kass will do an exhibition in Luxembourg and Verona (Italy). I have just given the gallery Kitz art my pictures, that they will be in the Art Space Gallery New York Soho Lower East Side.