Shanghai 2017

Unter der Gallery Steiner habe ich 2017 in Shanghai ausgestellt. Es war schön und ich hoffe das ich dadurch einige Fans gewonnen habe.  At the Gallery Steiner i have exhibited in Shanghai. It was great and i hope that i won any fans.

Vernissage Gallery Steiner 6.2.2018

Unsere Sexualität lässt uns unbeschwert leben, wenn wir die Kinder in uns akzeptieren und unsere Freiheiten ausleben.

Immer mehr Menschen entdecken, dass authentisch erlebte Liebe der Schlüssel zu paradiesischen gruppensexuellen Erfahrungen sein kann.

“Liebende sehen die Dinge so, wie sie wirklich sind. Denn sie sehen mit der Klarheit des göttlichen Lichts, und ihre Liebe spricht die Mängel frei”, aus den Worten von dem persischen-islamischen Sufri Mystiker und Dichter Rumi.

Our sexuality let live us in easygoing, if we accept our children in ourselves and let live our freedom.

More people exploring, that authentic experienced love is the key to paradise groups-sexual experiences, can be.

“Lovers are betray the things as, like they looking are. They see with clearness of goddess light, and their love is speaking out of lacks”, by the words from the persian-islamic Sufri mystic and poet Rumi.

Your oufitter for flats, villages, hotels, offices etc.!


I Lukas Walcher, i include with my pictures, flats, villages, hotels, offices etc, on inquiry.

Every order is individual and has his own style, every taste, facility, furniture,,…i calculate every factor in it and i try to do the individual ambiance, so that you can feel more comfortable in your home.

I included many people with my pictures for example Mrs. S. in Kitzbühel, Mr. B. in Vienna, Mr. F. in Munich etc.

It doesn’t matter for which taste, doesn’t matter for which ambiance, through my pictures your ambiance will smile more und illuminate. Lukas Walcher is your outfitter.

Art Barcelona fair 2017!

Lukas is for first time at the Art Barcelona, the pictures are done very well, good review. They are illuminating through their coloured being and reflecting. I find it beautiful, that the Art Barcelona are opened the doors, wheather the attack. I want that the doors are open further, through my art i try to send a message, open you be free and enjoy the live. “If you wanna to learn to love, we must to do that in that case, how…if we anyone other art, like music, painting, cabinet’s trade or the art of medicine or to learn the technique”. Erich Fromm