Exhibition private Club in Kitzbühel

Last Friday was my Vernissage in a private Club in Kitzbühel. About 20 pictures are hanging around, many people were around, about 100.

There was a speaking from my Patron Mrs Swarovski, indeed would be hold the laudatio Mrs. Dr. Koschatzky, she was impeded about health reasons. The night was a success, i had sold two of my pictures and i hope that is holding on.

My new gallery owner Mr. Rhomberg has keep my pictures belong to him, who is interesting can be look in the gallery Rhomberg to Innsbruck.

Ibiza Art Guide 2019

I was at the Ibiza Art Guide in Ibiza, my picture is hanging until 26.9.2019. Instead am in the cataloge. Her any pictures.

A spiritual journey!

Unfortunately i do not intend to do nnot a great whirl About my Indian journey, i have the view, that i should part my spiritual and goddess experience, that we are part of it, so that we do not know, where lead us our deciosions, to places, where we treat our Destiny…;

Our hole life we are Looking for something, something that we wish us, like it, but we could not get it, because we do not know, where we should beginn, what we imagine, because we didn’t think abou it or we forgot who we are,…and then our Destiny is leading us to a place, to a People, as we didn’ think About it, because or own reflection has been cheated.

I’ ve visited many places, or rather the Kumbh Mela, a big religious Festival, that overwhelms or western imagine, cause no the People, also the life attitude from the People, the most People, are Living in tents during the Kumbh Mela, or rather in the Wood like the holy Sadhus ( holy People that are praying the hole day to God, to get answers for us). I met a Sadhu in Madhya Pradesh. If you’re sitting in front of him, you’re Feeling this holy appearance, this reciprocation to god. If you see god during the Meditation in front of you and raising his Hand, you’re Feeling that he is waking up of you and showing you the way.


Got stipend of Koschatzky!

Now i got officially the stipend of Koschatzky, that will wrote out for Young Artists. It’s great, as now i gain myself more as usually.

The stipend it’s not Money, that i will Transfer, for me it is to create new Things and to give the circle a new Inspiration, to thrill new People for art. I wanna give Young Artists to say ” do that” do sometimes a crazy Thing. Go out of your common circles and unite with other Artists, that the world to send a message. Freedom is a present, that live there. Written by Mohan.


Journey in Tanger und Malaga!

2 weeks journey in Malaga could be very boring on time, you could go at the Picasso Museum, unfortunately the paradise is Closer than you think…

Tanger is the port City of Morocco it is really the paradise, a White sandy beach, crytsal clear water and Beautiful views. What a bummer that i was there just one day and a half and could see not more. Instead next time, i would make vacation for two weeks with my Family. In Malaga i just was at Picasso and Warhol.


6.10. Vernissage!

My lovelies interestings of art, for These ones who will come to my exhibtion at 6.10.2018 at the Gallery Steiner, are very welcome. All will be welcomed too, who will buy a Picture from me. That time i will present any works of my Collection of Tantra. For These ones that don’t know that i do an old form of Indian love to find to yourself and to annother one. This way of Tantra allowed me to Keep my experiences in my Pictures, to rise up the goddess, to do the inner love. Tantra is the way to yourself, if you accept it, we will be a part of our goddess self.



Sommermusikfest 2018

And again i was at the Sommermusikfest from my best freind Laurin. The Smf is a Treatment of all Music of the world., it is a coalition of different cultures. It is the inner growing of yourself in a deeper Soul. If you’re interesting you can look at the Homepage www.sommermusikfest.de. Come here and celebrate the life.