Stations of life

  • Commercial employee at  companies Soukup and Mat-ex, office management assistant
  • Diploma as relaxation trainer at Gesundheitswerkstatt in Vienna (H. v. Bingen)
  • Trained as certified medical masseur, diploma in Lomi-Lomi massage and Nuad-Thai massage
  • Tantra Masseur by the old Upanishades

Lukas taught himself to paint. While training as a masseur, he produced innumerable drawings of knee caps, spinal columns, pelvic bones.  He experienced the human body from within. Since that time, he no longer attaches great importance to painting Details.

    • Since 2010 member der „offenen Werkstatt“ in Gugging
    • Until 2015 study at the Kunstakademie ART-Brut für Gegenwartskunst Berlin
    • Since 2016 member of Künstlerhaus-Vereins


    • 2011 til 2014: participation at the days of „offenen Ateliers“
    • 2013: Exhibition at Kulturhaus St.Andrä/Wördern
    • 2013: Participation and nominated „Palm Art Award“ in Leipzig
    • 2014: two times Exhibition at own  Atelier
    • 2014: Exhibition „Kloster UND“ in Krems
    • 2014: Participation and nominated at „Palm Art Award“ in Leipzig and „Kitz Art Award“ in Kitzbühel
    • 2015: Exhibition „ART Innsbruck“, nominated as talented exhibitor of „NEWART“
    • Exhibition in New York City „ART & SPACE Gallery“, Manhattan, SoHo, Lower East Side
    • 2016: Exhibition at galleries in Berlin
    • 2016: Nominated to „Kitz Art Award“ in Kitzbühel
    • 2016: Exhibition „ART Innsbruck“ – international fair for contemporary art
    • Until 2017: Exhibition „Secrets of Berlin“ Raiffeisenbank Krems, Dreifaltigkeitsplatz
    • 2017: Exhibition at Art Barcelona
    • 2017: Exhibition Gallery Steiner Wien
    • 2017: Exhibition in Shanghai
    • 2018: Exhibition in London
    • 2018: Exhibition “Art Fair Salzburg”
    • 2018: Exhibition “Art Fair Shanghai”
    • 2019: Participation “Koschatzky Kunstpreis”
    • 2019: Participation Luxembourg Art Price
    • 2019: Exhibition “Centre de cultural de Jesus” Ibiza-Ibiza Art Guide
    • 2019: Exhibition Art Basel Miami
    • 2020: Participation Arte Laguna Price

“With a kind of innate imagery Lukas Walcher choses themes to which he immediately transposes in his own universe of forms. The forms themselves seem to come to him directly and forcefully, giving the impression that the process of painting and observing is one and the same. This is quite exciting, since he seems to see a secret in the objects he paints, or rather, he continues to tell stories and create forms which are not immediately recognisable. For me, this subjective approach puts into question an allegedly objective way to observe and describe a given form. In reality: What is it that can actually be recognised from a human perspective?“
–Frank Pieperhoff, KUNSTGUT Akademie für Bildende Kunst, Berlin

“I put myself inside the painting and try to experience it from this perspective, really from within. That is how energy is created via the process of painting. At the same time, I return from inside the painting with new energy.“
–Lukas Walcher

Born 26.01.1987 /Art and educational trips in Europe, Middle East, South-East Asia, USA /3500 Krems, Langenloiserstrasse 45, Austria